We test and certify information technology

We are the only IECEE – CB certification authority in the Czech Republic
EZÚ is one of the few certification bodies in the world that participates in the legislative process
Our team of top specialists regularly participate in EU projects
We are a state body with a long history and the status of a qualified, trustworthy certification authority


About us

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute (EZÚ), founded in accordance with Act no. 77/1997 Sb., is one of eight active state bodies within the founding competency of the Minitry of Industry and Trade and Industry.

In 1961 the Electrotechnical Testing Institute became a member of the European CEE system for the performance of electrical safety tests. This system was later transformed into the existing, highly successful IECEE – CB system, which performs tests and issues certificates in accordance with the internationally recognised IEC standards.

A further milestone in the history of the Electrotechnical Institute was 1993, it became a founding member of the Certified Quality System (CQS) and also gained its first accreditation from the Czech Accreditation Institute (ČIA). The Electrotechnical Testing Institute remains a member of the CQS system to this day and, as part of the CQS certification body, it provides its clients with certificates from the IQNet international certification networks.

The Electrotechnical Testing Institute does not live off its rich history, but is constantly expanding its portfolio with new products. These include electronic Identification, Aurthentication and Trust (eIDAS) certificates. The Electrotechnical Testing Institute is the only body in the Czech Republic accredited for service 6 certification for the storage of electronic signatures and seals.

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News from EZÚ IT


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On 28 May 2018, a new Decree became effective on security measures, cyber security incidents, reactive measures and on the …





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Ing. Lenka Mariánková

Ing. Lenka Mariánková

Product Manager

Techničtí specialisté

Ing. Roman Csirik

Ing. Roman Csirik

eIDAS Project Coordinator

Ing. Michal Hager

Ing. Michal Hager

Head of Cyber Security Department

Jan Henyš

Jan Henyš

Cyber Security Specialist

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