ETSI EN 303 645 IoT (Internet of things)

This standard is primarily intended for producers of physical items such as household appliances, automobile parts, central systems for residential buildings, portable electronics, health monitoring devices, etc. that are connected to the power grid. This standard prescribes the basic level for data security and protection to protect against elementary attacks on the above devices. it contains a set of requirements for security and the protection of privacy, as well as recommendations that the producer must incorporate into its products. These specifications cover various areas and are divided into thirteen categories. The ETSI EN 303 645 standard further includes regulations on the protection of data that help producers to provide a number of functions in devices for the protection of the personal data of users, such as providing users with clear, transparent information on which personal data are processed, how they are used, by whom and for which purposes, for every device and service. These requirements can then help producers to meet privacy protection requirements (e.g. the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).


Ing. Lenka Mariánková

Ing. Lenka Mariánková

Product Manager

Technical specialist

Ing. Michal Hager

Ing. Michal Hager

Head of Cyber Security Department

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