ISO 27034

In cybersecurity, organizations have traditionally focused on protecting the perimeter and technology infrastructure components such as computers and networks. However, this is increasingly proving to be insufficient – organizations face a growing need to protect their information at the application level. Applications should be protected from vulnerabilities that could be inherent with the application itself (for example, software defects), appear during the application life cycle (for example, through application changes), or arise as a result of using the application in a context for which it was not intended. . A systematic approach to increasing application security provides evidence that information used or stored by an organization’s applications is adequately protected. And this is exactly what the ISO / IEC 27034 series of standards addresses.
EZÚ offers you to independently and impartially verify compliance with the guidelines set out in this series of internationally recognized application safety standards through an audit.
The outputs of the assessment are the Audit Report and the Certificate of Conformity.

As part of the audit, compliance with the guidelines, in particular ISO / IEC 27034-2 and ISO / IEC 27034-3, is verified and documented.
Following the completion of the development of ISO / IEC 27034-4, this part will also be included in the audit criteria.


Ing. Lenka Mariánková

Ing. Lenka Mariánková

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