Cyber security – Audit according to the Cyber Security Act

Cyber security issues were not comprehensively regulated in Czech legislation until 2014. This situation improved in 2014 with the finalisation and passing of the Cyber Security Act. It aims to implement a set of authorisations and duties in practice with a view to improve the security of the cyber space and set up a mechanism for active cooperation between the private sector and public administration in order to achieve the higher effectiveness of solutions to cyber security incidents. Entitles regulated by the Cyber Security Act are subject to specific duties leading to the improved security of their information systems and/or networks operated by them. This includes mainly the duty to implement, take and keep security documentation on security measures , the duty to detect and report cyber security incidents, etc.

However, setting up these rules and performing the above activities should be in the interest of every organisation. That is exactly why EZÚ is offering certification under Act no. 181/2014 Sb., the Cyber Security Act.


Miroslav Voldřich

Miroslav Voldřich

Product Manager

Technical specialist

Ing. Michal Hager

Ing. Michal Hager

Head of Cyber Security Lab

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Why choose EZÚ

  • Expert auditors with many years of experience.
  • Highly professional personnel.
  • Comprehensive solutions.

Reasons for certification

  • To map the current condition of cyber security and identify suggestions for improvement.
  • To ensure cyber security and its continuous improvement.
  • To be protected against large financial losses and the damage or destruction of assets.
  • To improve and speed up processes (especially in IT services).
  • To spend cyber security related costs effectively.
  • To secure the individual parts of the IT infrastructure (all the way to the level of firmware and micro processes).
  • To secure the supply chain.